Najva Apps Suite

‘Miqat’, the most comprehensive app for Hajj and Umrah deeds
زیارت اهل قبور
‘Visiting the Graves’, the most comprehensive app for visiting the grave dwellers

Najva Apps (coming soon)

  •  Ziyarah al-Imam al-Gharib (the pilgrimage of Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (a.s.)) in Arabic
  •  Miqat (in English, Arabic, Urdu and Turkish)
  •  Miqat (along with audio files of Duas and Ziyarahs)
  •  Along with Ramadan month
  •  Along with Rajab’s month
  •  Along with the Sha’ban month
  •  Along with Muharram and Safar months
  •  Deeds for Kufa Mosque and Sahla Mosque

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