The most comprehensive app for Hajj and Umrah deeds

‘Miqat’, the first product of Najva apps suite, is the most comprehensive app presenting the Hajj and Umrah deeds in Persian. It is available in five languages, which will be released gradually. Miqat has been prepared to fill the gaps in terms of the many religious teaching in the topics of Hajj and Umrah, and the pilgrimage of the infallibles and Divine proofs of God in Mecca and Medina. It is clear that the limitations of using various books in Divine shrines necessitate the use of this app and similar applications.



  • Complete categorization of the deeds,
  • Diversity in subjects,
  • Providing refrences,
  • Switching from footnote to the text and vice versa,
  • List of religious character and places,
  • Searching all indexes,
  • Use of attractive and useful pictures,
  • Ability to zoom images,
  • Changing the font size,
  • Creating favorite list,
  • Sharing the text and pictures,
  • Inviting friends



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